Poseico was founded in 2001 as the Management Buy Out from the former Semiconductors Department of Ansaldo Trasporti that started its production of high power semiconductors in 1970. In a later stage, a development plan aimed at diversify its activities in different sectors has been defined, transforming Poseico into a global provider of products and services that can assist its clients in many sectors such as Energy, Transport, Dams, Water Resources, Mining, Industry, Electrical and Mechanical Systems.

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Poseico Power Electronics, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of power electronics devices and systems. Poseico Impianti, a company specialized in the study, design, construction and maintenance of electrical, mechanical and telecommunication systems Poseico Engineering Consulting,a division that operates in the field of engineering services that cover all aspects related to the environment, health & safety and geosciences for specific and industrial applications.

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